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This has been a difficult year for the world. With over a million dead globally I am aware of the irony of writing about my own COVID-19 “difficulties.” I am alive and healthy. I am one of the lucky ones. Nevertheless, 2020 has been difficult. The purpose of this article is to help others like me who find themselves looking for work in the worst job market since the Great Depression. Recently, after several months searching, I was lucky enough to land a job. …

Jamael Westman, centre, plays Alexander Hamilton at the refurbished Victoria Palace in London (photo: Matthew Murray)
Jamael Westman, centre, plays Alexander Hamilton at the refurbished Victoria Palace in London (photo: Matthew Murray)
Jamael Westman, centre, plays Alexander Hamilton at the Victoria Palace in London. (Photo: BBC)

“Immigrants, we get the job done.”

On an evening in early September, one of the most famous lines in Hamilton draws fresh cheers from a London audience. The crowd erupts to signal their approval as Lafayette and Hamilton high-five on stage. The phrase’s relevance is not lost on an audience that has just lived through a week of Brexit madness in the British capital. As the music blared at the Victoria Palace Theatre, a few hours earlier, the Prime Minister’s own brother had turned on him, recusing himself from the Brexit saga.

With the words of Boris Johnson and Jeremy…

Providing Liquidity for the Crypto Ecosystem

Since its launch a year ago, Enigma Securities, Makor Group’s cryptocurrency brokerage business has experienced rapid growth. Now, Enigma is expanding its services to include a new Application Program Interface, also known as an API. In today’s fast paced, technologically driven world, Enigma’s API connects institutional clients to one of the largest liquidity pools in the digital assets industry.

Using the API, clients can live-stream prices, executing trades as and when they want. …

New Technology will Allow Hotels, Restaurants and Retailers to Seamlessly Accept Bitcoin as Payment

This week, crypto liquidity provider Enigma Securities announced the launch of new payment terminals. The terminals will enable retailers to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

The announcement comes a year after Enigma launched its OTC brokerage service. The core business, aimed at institutional investors, continues to thrive. Recently, Enigma launched a new API product that connects institutional clients to one of the largest liquidity pools in the digital assets industry. Now, with its new terminals, Enigma Securities is expanding its growing liquidity services to the retailers and merchants.

Retail payment via cryptocurrency is expected to be a high-growth area in the…

The High-Speed Layer Will Be a Game-Changer

Scalability is one of the major issues facing cryptocurrencies today. This issue will continue to grow as adoption grows. As a recent Cambridge University study notes, “The increase in interest [in crypto]– and subsequent usage — brought into the foreground limitations of base layer scaling and led to the launch of so-called “layer-2 solutions”, such as the eagerly-awaited Lightning Network on Bitcoin.”

Origins of Lightning

In 2015, Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja set out their vision for the Lightning Network in a white paper. Three teams: Blockstream, Lightning Labs, and ACINQ are now…

I-C-O. These three letters recently changed the crowdfunding market for ever. In 2016, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) raised $96 million globally. Last year, this amount surged to $4 billion. The mood was jubilant, but, with such impressive growth rates expectations became higher and higher. So, where does the ICO market go from here?

Understanding ICOs

The crypto sphere is a brand-new world with its own vocabulary. We often hear terms like “private round,” “testnet,” “softcap,” “fork,” etc. For crypto early-believers these terms are already well-known. Wall Street traders have generally been able to learn quickly — given similarities to existing financial vocabulary…

The launch of EOS’s mainnet this summer sparked a new debate. Would EOS be a better platform than Ethereum?

There was a lot of buzz around EOS’s record-breaking ICO. The $4bn raised remains the largest sum of any ICO to date. Now, though still in a nascent phase, some developers are becoming more constructive on EOS, choosing to build their dApps with EOS rather than ETH. Thus, EOS has become ETH’s first legitimate competitor. Some Analysts are describing this as the start of a “smart contracts war.”

Currently, EOS is the fifth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of about…

R-I-P-P-L-E — we first started hearing the word in 2017. It was one of those funny words like “Yahoo” or “Google.” What do all these words have in common? They’re the sort of words you don’t understand until ten years later you wish you had invested in them.

Ripple was all over the news last week: “XRP Skyrockets 64% in 24 Hours” “Ripple Passes Ethereum to Become World’s Second Largest Cryptocurrency,” “Will XRP Take Bitcoin’s Place?”etc.
Something seemed strange about the sudden wave of optimism — as though the market was excited to have anything positive to comment on.


Seeing an asset go from almost $20,000 ten months ago to $6,000 today is scary. In the world of financial markets, fear is a sentiment that can cost you everything you have. In order to stop being frightened by what is happening today we must understand why it is happening. What scares us the most is what we don’t understand.

The first cryptocurrency, known as Bitcoin, was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto in response to the fall of Lehman Brothers’ and the ensuing global financial crisis. Nakamoto’s goal was to create a decentralized and secured currency that could be…

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